NASA Livestreams 360-Degree View Of Rocket Launch

Delia Watkins
April 19, 2017

The resupply mission is a public-private partnership between NASA and United Launch Alliance, a joint venture owned by Lockheed Martin and Boeing. An Atlas-5 rocket carrying Cygnus spacecraft has blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida towards the ISS.

United Launch Alliance's 19-story Atlas V thundered from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 41 at 11:11 a.m. Tuesday, flying through a few puffy clouds on a northeasterly trajectory over the Atlantic Ocean. "Not only are we delivering needed supplies as the first launch under our new RapidLaunch™ offering, but we are truly honored to launch a payload dedicated to John Glenn on an Atlas V, helping to signify the gap we plan to fill as we start launching astronauts from American soil again in 2018".

Also, NASA broadcast a 360-view of the launch, a first for the space agency.

A livestream screwing up really isn't the end of the world: the rocket made it into orbit just fine, and anyone desperate to watch can still do so now with the recorded video.

"Congratulations to our mission partners at Orbital ATK and NASA on another successful launch that will help advance our scientific knowledge on Earth and in space, and inspire the next generation of space explorers", Wentz said. As for what the S. S. John Glenn is carrying, the Cygnus OA-7 has 3,459 kg of cargo including supplies for the crew, science experiments, systems hardware, and spacewalk equipment.

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Cygnus has flown a number of resupply runs in the past.

The unmanned Cygnus cargo ship, nestled atop an Atlas V rocket, is poised for take off during a 30-minute launch window beginning at 11:11 am (1511 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The cargo ship is named after John Glenn, the famed astronauts who was the first American to orbit the Earth and who died a year ago at age 95. "Nearby, a computer protected by a blast-proof box will stitch images together in near-real time".

Following Glenn's death in December, Orbital ATK asked his widow, Annie, for permission to use his name for the spacecraft.Glenn, an original Mercury 7 astronaut, became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962.

The S.S. John Glenn is ready for its close-up.

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