Car Dragged By Truck For Miles

Joy Montgomery
April 22, 2017

The California Highway Patrol said that the big rig was traveling at about 30 miles per hour in the truck lane when it started to change lanes and the Nissan and it collided.

During the confrontation, the truck driver said he did not know another auto was attached to his vehicle.

Other drivers honked to try and get the big rig driver's attention.

A driver heading up the Cajon Pass captured an unbelievable sight on his cellphone - a crunched up red sedan partially lodged underneath a semitruck and being dragged on the interstate. The CHP said the incident is not being investigated as criminal, but the truck driver could be cited for improperly changing lanes and causing a collision.

Brian Steimke posted the video to Facebook Wednesday afternoon. Maestas dragged the vehicle for nearly three-quarters of a mile.

"Look at that", driver Brian Steimke says in the video.

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Maybe check your mirrors next time, truck driver? "He's on your truck", Steimke said.

Steimke got out of his auto and approached the driver, telling him, "The guy's underneath your vehicle!"

The driver screamed for help, and the driver didn't stop.

Summary: A cell-phone video circulating around social media shows a tractor trailer dragging a small sedan up a California highway with no intention of stopping.

"What do you mean?"

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