Tekken 7 on the Switch? Fat chance, says producer Harada

Allan Goodman
April 30, 2017

"It turned into a big problem", he said.

The activists apparently didn't like seeing a man punch a kangaroo for this.

Before the activists' frustration at the man punching the kangaroo somehow transferred to Tekken 7's Roger, the developers chose to cut the character from the game.

There were a lot of comments from haters when Bandai Namco revealed the addition of Brazilian Capoeira master Eddy Gordo to the "Tekken 7" roster.

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Executive producer Katsuhiro Harada explained that there was a video of a kangaroo head locking a man's dog. "He's missing!,'" "but up until then, when he is in the game, people are complaining 'Capos are dirty, we hate them!'" He admitted that the chance of animal activists playing the fighting game is slim, but " they would still hear about that, about a kangaroo in our game being punched, and would complain about it".

PETA hasn't said anything... YET.

Other established series have received complaints from animal rights organization PETA. The game, to be release overseas June 2, 2017, has been in Japan for over two years.

Animal lovers can still look forward to playing as grizzly bear Kuma and his love interest, Panda though, as Harada notes a bear is "obviously stronger than a human being". He didn't go into details, but he did mention that there will be graphical improvements on the PlayStation 4 Pro for Tekken 7. During a recent interview, he shared his thoughts stating that the company has a strict policy about sharing which titles they are making for the hybrid console.

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