California governor: More spending for schools, child care

Jon Howard
May 13, 2017

However, there's a long road ahead as they seek to balance federal uncertainties with hopes for meaningful solutions to address the housing crisis.

Brown in January proposed a $122.5 billion budget for the next fiscal year that kept general fund spending mostly flat.

The revised budget also proposes spending $387 million in funds from Proposition 1, a water bond passed by voters in 2014, for flood control projects in the Central Valley and the Delta. On Thursday, he called Trump's promises of deep tax cuts and new spending "voodoo economics" and gambling. "They are California's future workforce", said Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens. Yet, has the quality of education increased by 58 percent over the past six years? Congressional Republicans who followed Trump's "dictates" by voting for a bill knowing that it would disrupt the lives and health of their constituents "are going to have to do penance for it".

Brown proposed more funding for schools, county health programs and transportation infrastructure.

"The cost of child care has gone up, but also just the cost of living has gone up". It still, however, cuts the state's Middle Class Scholarship Program.

Hill echoed the sentiment, adding "what we pay for child care especially affects the high cost of living we have in the Peninsula".

Brown said the legislation was actually tax break for the wealthy. "It's really a plus for San Mateo County". "That is a staggering figure, it would be more than the state spends on higher education and corrections combined".

Still, he sympathized with the budgetary limitations. "I put that $50 million in there so we can hold their feet to the fire", Brown said.

One of the major unknowns from Washington is what will happen as congressional Republicans reattempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

Democratic attorneys general in states across the country have assumed lead roles in opposing some of the Republican president's agenda.

North Korea claims plot reveals US state-sponsored terrorism
The South Korean population has elected Democratic Party candidate Moon Jae-in as their president. The shutdown of the bridge "could come as early as May", the source added.

A recent Department of Finance audit found that the state Board of Equalization "had difficulty providing complete and accurate documentation" in response to basic financial inquiries and could not consistently explain why some tax money was misdirected to the wrong state accounts. "I think the potential exists both for dollars for the [Highway] 101 corridor and Caltrain electrification".

President Donald Trump is also pressing for cuts to corporate and income taxes and eliminations of deductions that benefit residents in highly taxed states like California. "In this budget proposal, they are diverting 30 percent of funding from the gas tax to non-road-related projects like building parks and job training for felons". Pat Bates, R-Laguna Niguel, said in a press release.

California High Speed Rail Authority to consider hiring new chief executive and how much to pay. "Brown on some key areas".

State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat, called the proposal "better" than the initial January proposal but said it could nevertheless be made "even better".

Combatting climate change is one of the governor's signature issues.

Local leaders tell Gov. "Now is not the time for the Legislature to create new spending we can not afford". They rejected the governor's proposed cuts to college scholarships.

On Thursday, the governor also warned that defunding the Affordable Care Act, or eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood, could send the state budget into turmoil.

"I'm not in the business of opining on my colleagues", he said.

Budget negotiations between the governor and Democratic leaders will soon begin in earnest. "The issue is too important and the crisis is too severe to walk away".

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