Teen dies after downing dangerous amount of caffeinated drinks

Jon Howard
May 16, 2017

Davis Cripe died when his heart fell out of rhythm at Spring Hill High School in Chapin, South Carolina, on April 26.

Watts says that the teen had consumed a large diet Mountain Dew, a Cafe Latte from McDonalds, and a popular energy drink which led to his death.

"A cup of coffee, a can of soda isn't going to cause this thing", said Dr. Amy Durso, deputy chief medical examiner for Richland County.

A SC coroner is warning about the dangers of excessive caffeine consumption after a 16-year-old student was pronounced dead from a caffeine overdose.

Cripe collapsed at Spring Hill High School back on April 26, and later died at the hospital.

Cripe's father said he hopes his son's death will save other lives by showing the dangers of excessive caffeine consumption, according to the AP. But what we want to do is to make people understand that these drinks - this amount of caffeine, how it's ingested, can have dire consequences.

Cripe's father, Sean Cripe, attended the news briefing.

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An initial autopsy done on the boy did could not reveal the cause of death.

Watts says that the teen had no signs of a preexisting, undiagnosed heart issue that would have contributed to his death. He said Cripe had no family history that would have compounded the effects of caffeine and said the boy was otherwise healthy when he died. Healthline reports that the recommended daily caffeine limit should not exceed 400 mg for a healthy adult.

"It wasn't a auto crash that took his life", said Sean Cripe.

"You can have five people line up right here and all of them do the exact same thing that happened with him that day - drink more - and it may not have any kind of effect on them at all", he said.

"It's the amount and also the time frame in which these caffeinated beverages are consumed that can put you at risk", he explained.

Assuming Cripe drank a large latte and energy drink, in addition to the large Mountain Dew, he would have had about 434mg.

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