Putin says still chance to do global climate deal despite US withdrawal

Violet Powell
June 3, 2017

In his first tweet, Mr Blankfein said the decision was "a setback for the environment and for the US' leadership position in the world". Most recently, Jared Kushner's ties to prominent Russian banker Sergey Gorkov, a close associate of Putin have fallen under intense focus amid the ongoing and ever-widening Federal Bureau of Investigation probe.

He said the allegations of Russian hacking into the Democratic National Committee overshadow the fact that the leaked emails were genuine and revealed unpleasant truths.

Russian Minister of Nature and Ecology Sergei Donskoy was skeptical that new terms would be offered for the US, state news agency RIA Novosti reported. "They came to the polls and voted for him, and the other team miscalculated".

He said he had personally reviewed the United States intelligence reports which made the hacking allegations against Russian Federation, and that they contained no meaningful evidence.

"What fingerprints?" Putin said.

Mocking the allegations that there are Russian hackers' fingerprints in the case of the DNC account cyber attack, Sputnik news agency quoted Putin as saying, "Fingerprints of what exactly?"

"Help us restore normal political dialogue", Putin told executives from major USA companies during a business roundtable at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday.

Kushner then held a secret meeting with Sergei Gorkov, head of Russia's Kremlin-connected development bank, a meeting the White House says was one of many diplomatic encounters Kushner, now a presidential adviser, held in the weeks before Trump's inauguration.

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According to the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank, it is " abundantly clear " the U.S. hasn't yet reached full employment. But it is worth paying close attention to the industry's direction; there are almost 16 million retail jobs in the U.S.

He also said that even Kelly's "underage daughter" could have been the hacker responsible for interfering in the USA elections.

"What else is the ambassador supposed to do?"

"...and what President Trump has been saying...just show me the quote where he said he won because of Russian intervention", he finished before popping the ear piece back in. "He must meet, discuss current affairs, negotiate".

The former KGB officer also took aim at a favorite Russian target, NATO, asking why the alliance needed such robust defense spending.

"He's direct, open", said Putin, who's commanded Russian Federation for 17 years.

Putin, addressing senior U.S. business executives during an economic forum in St Petersburg, said Moscow would continue to talk to U.S. President Donald Trump and the new U.S. administration.

The Kremlin leader said that "in my view it was possible (for the US) not to leave the Paris agreement because it is a framework deal, and it was possible to change the United States obligations inside the framework of these agreements".

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