'March for Truth' protesters demand independent investigation into Trump's possible Russia ties

Malcolm Fuller
June 4, 2017

"House of Cards" creator Beau Willimon will emcee the New York City event, which will include speeches from Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and actress and longtime Trump foe Rosie O'Donnell.

The "March for Truth" protests were organized by a national coalition of 17 activist groups, including the Women's March and the Progressive Democrats of America.

Their objectives as outlined on Twitter call for an independent commission, which must operate with "transparency", to investigate ties between Trump and Russian Federation.

Supporters gathered outside the gates of the White House Saturday, praising the President for his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Marchers wanted an independent commission and nonpartisan Congressional investigations of Trump's ties to Russian Federation and prosecution of any crimes committed or any collusion discovered.

This time it was a "March for Truth".

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"I thought it was quite clever and, in the end, I respect a man of his word", she said of Trump and his "Pittsburgh not Paris" remarks.

Several people at the pro-Trump rally said they were unconcerned that exiting the treaty would leave the United States in the company of the only two countries that are not signatories: Nicaragua and Syria. The American people have a right to get a full accounting of what happened and how the current administration is involved, so that we can make informed decisions about how to move forward.

In fact, Mayor Bill Peduto on Friday joined the mayors of some 175 other USA cities and the governors of several states in announcing that his city would follow the terms of the Paris treaty. "That's why we're marching on Saturday".

"So we want to thank all those who support Agent Orange for coming to our rally today because we welcome all", she said in front of a crowd of onlookers.

This marked the latest in a series of anti-Trump rallies, including the Women's March, Tax March, and March for Science.

- Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets demanding answers regarding President Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

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