Horrific Video, Zoo Keepers In China Feed An Alive Donkey To Tigers

Delia Watkins
June 7, 2017

Visitors of a Chinese Zoo were left shell-shocked when the authorities threw a live donkey into the water as a meal for four tigers.

They also planned to feed a sheep to the tigers, before security at the zoo in Changzhou, just outside Shanghai, stopped them.

A graphic video has since gone viral in China showing men in raincoats forcing the donkey down a ramp from the back of a truck, before it falls into a moat around the enclosure.

The safari park's assets were frozen by Changzhou Intermediate People's Court for almost 20 months because of disputes over debts, said the safari, adding that shareholders can not benefit anymore and several rare animals, including two giraffes and one gorilla, died due to lack of medical care.

The Paper quoted an unnamed investor as saying: "Since we could not have any benefits, we thought why not feed to the tigers, at least we can save on animal feed".

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Users have rushed to comment on the clip, describing the act of feeding the tigers a live donkey as "animal abuse". The shareholder said: "Without these documents, we can only watch these animals die". The donkey is then nearly immediately pounced on by one of the felines, and is later killed and eaten.

The incident at the Yancheng Safari Park on Monday afternoon, local time, occurred after an argument between the zoo's investors, the BBC reported.

What was so disturbing and upsetting for me was seeing the donkey so reluctant to get into the water and it actually had to be pushed in by zoo workers.

The investors where earlier planning to transport the animals out of the zoo to sell them else where.

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