Twitter users, blocked by Trump, cry censorship

Tricia Pearson
June 8, 2017

Sean Spicer said at a press briefing on June 6 that the president's tweets are considered official statements from the White House. Users of blocked accounts can not follow Trump and they have difficulty viewing his posts, finding them through Twitter's search function, learning which accounts follow the president, and participating in comment-thread discussions about his tweets, it said.

Nearly immediately, she was blocked from his account.

What does this mean for other all Twitter users and blocking?

Before Trump was sworn in as president, multiple other Twitter users said his account had blocked them. The Institute said it would go after both accounts with "equal force". But when Trump decides to block the accounts of people who are mocking him, he might actually be violating the constitution, The New York Times reports.

Trump tweets from two different accounts. The group sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday demanding he unblock the accounts in question. Twitter may be a public forum, but the account belongs to the individual.

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Tuesday's poll on Trump also looked at the importance voters were assigning to the investigation into Russia's possible interference in the presidential election, with the split similarly based on voters' political parties. A 53-percent majority of GOP voters say Trump tweets too much - though slightly more Republicans say Trump's use of Twitter overall is a good thing (41 percent) than a bad thing (37 percent). "Under the argument, they should not be excluded from a public forum and if they are that is suppression of speech", he said. "God, you're embarrassing", her first message said. That one is, as it points out in its bio, subject to federal record-retention laws and is an official government communication voice, so the boundaries and obligations around it seem more clear.

Adbo, though, argued that an important part of the public forum is the exchange of ideas. Just 32% of voters said they do not believe the President did anything wrong, while 31% said they believe he did something illegal.

However, apart from praises and accusations there was nearly nothing of outcome that the president tweeted about.

The letter is not a formal declaration of legal action but does imply that if the users are not unblocked, legal action may follow. A search on Twitter shows a numerous people claiming to be blocked.

What worries Abdo most is that "whatever is allowed by the president will quickly trickle down to more local officials". Some former campaign staffers voiced their concern about the president's social media habit as well, telling Politico in February that they attempted to keep his tweeting under control by showing him positive media coverage. Quartz contacted the White House for comment on the blocking policy shortly after the demand letter was published and will update this post if there is a response.

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