Newtown families upset by interview with conspiracy theorist

Peter Castro
June 13, 2017

On Twitter, Kelly responded to criticism by noting that President Donald Trump has praised Jones' show and by saying it was her job to "shine a light".

There are dozens more whose deaths Jones denies, but NBC and Megyn Kelly have decided this bottom-dweller deserves the attention and mainstream coverage. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and "Captain America" star Chris Evans also had something to say about Kelly's interview with Jones.

One mother who lost a child in the Sandy Hook shooting sent out several tweets in response to the interview - one with a picture of her daughter and said, "Stare at this & tell me it's worth it".

Opponents of Jones have criticized Kelly for normalizing Jones and his outlandish claims. How you you feel if someone shot your kids, some fool said it wasn't true- and I gave him a show?

"By making this choice, you grieve our hearts and the memory of our child", she wrote. Infowars was given a temporary press credential last month. "I encourage you to "shine light" on affirming the losses suffered here - NOT on a person who mocks those losses".

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According to CBS, a New York City man approached a sister of slain Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto, who was running in a charity race, and angrily claimed the shootings never took place. "She said that the interview was not going to be about Sandy Hook and the mass shooting there, and it was not going to be about Pizzagate and these other issues that the media always obsesses on and misrepresents what I've said and what I've done". "This is pathetic. The only way I could fail was not doing it, and letting them rig it, and letting them interview me for four hours to edit it together, and then be able to show people what was really said". "You should be ashamed of yourselves".

To many people, Jones' views are not only baseless but reckless, offensive and downright weird. Besides saying she asked about subjects he didn't want to talk about, Jones told his InfoWars listeners on Thursday that Kelly was "not feminine, cold, robotic, dead".

Marquez-Greene said Kelly's reasoning is misguided and would, instead, encourage Jones' army of followers to "double down" on their effort to label the massacre of 20 elementary schoolchildren a hoax.

Kelly teased the interview on her show on Sunday as a "riveting exchange". "And I made my statements long before the media even picked up on it".

Jones, the Huffington Post continues, is now demanding NBC not air the interview, which he characterizes as a "hit piece" on him.

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