Bill Cosby sexual assault trial: Jury enters day 2 of deliberations

Malcolm Fuller
June 14, 2017

After more than 16 hours of deliberations, a jury weighing the fate of entertainer Bill Cosby still had not reached a verdict Tuesday at his sexual assault trial in Montgomery County Court.

The jury met for four hours Monday without reaching a decision on whether the shamed 79-year-old comic drugged and attacked Andrea Constand in 2004 at his luxury home outside Philadelphia.

Jurors in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial want to hear more of his deposition testimony from the accuser's lawsuit when they resume deliberations on Tuesday. "I go to the area that is between permission and rejection", Cosby said. Constand - an athletic, 6-foot-tall college basketball staffer - said they made her dazed and groggy, and unable to say no or fight back when Cosby went inside her trousers.

Constand, now 44, was the prosecution's star witness in the week-long trial in the Philadelphia suburb of Norristown, testifying that Cosby gave her pills that left her unable to respond when he sexually assaulted her.

In his closing argument on Monday, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said Cosby's words incriminated him, noting that the defendant apologized to Constand and her mother and offered to pay for Constand's schooling after her mother confronted him.

He faces three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault, and one of the counts covers his alleged fondling of Constand while she was passed out. Cosby was also on a sitcom with an episode where all the men got pregnant, so let's calm down a bit about him "fathering a generation". In another question late in the day, jurors asked to listen again to the testimony of an officer who was the first to interview Constand when she reported the incident in 2005. She also said she was at Cosby's home following a dinner with friends and Cosby. Constand - an athletic, 6-foot-tall college basketball staffer - said they made her dazed and groggy, and unable to say no or fight back when Cosby went inside her trousers.

"The thing that keeps coming back is if these women were really so wronged, why did they continue their relationships with him, and that's her problem", said Treece. Cosby says he gave Constand Benadryl to help her relax, then fondled her. Prosecutors believe he gave her something stronger.

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On the TV, a news story flashed about sex assault accusations against Cosby, Jackson claimed in a statement. "And I went upstairs and I went into my pack and I broke one whole one and brought a half down and told her to take it".

But the high-powered defense team called just one witness to the stand and rested their case in just a handful of minutes.

Constand initially told police about the alleged assault in January 2005, a year after she says it took place. "Why are we running from the truth of this case - this relationship? Why?"

In a tense cross-examination, defense attorneys pointed out that several of Constand's initial statements to police, including the date of the alleged assault, were later proved to be false.

McMonagle cited gifts and phone calls between Cosby and Constand to show she was more than a college sports staffer trying to placate a powerful Temple University trustee. After Jackson pressed her, Constand admitted it had not happened but said she could easily use the story to make money off the man, Jackson said.

The final question jurors posed to the court related to Constand's police report filed in Durham, Canada. "I don't understand it".

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