In defeat for Theresa May, Conservatives lose majority in UK Parliament

Jon Howard
June 20, 2017

The exit poll also shows one seat for the environmentalist Green Party and three for the left of center Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, both potential partners for Labour.

If the latter happens, Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the largest opposition party may be invited by the Queen to form a government either as a minority or in coalition with another party or parties. "All over the world, people are rising up against austerity and massive levels of income and wealth inequality".

Mrs May is to stay in office with the support of her "friends" in the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) after the Conservatives failed to win a majority in the snap election she called.

After a night of high drama across the country, May insisted her party was still in pole position to lead, despite falling short by eight seats and having to turn to Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party for backing.

While Corbyn would have likely faced removal as party leader if results had been as dire for Labour as originally predicted, presiding over Thursday's gains will probably cement his status at the head of the party for some time. "Britain is part of Europe, even if it will no longer be part of the European Union".

The British pound tumbled against the USA dollar GBP= and the euro EURGBP= after the election result.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, added: "We don't know when Brexit talks start".

Kohl, a pioneer of the united European vision
The former Luxembourg prime minister added that Kohl pushed for "us Europeans to get to know each other better and work more closely together".

Corbyn said that he still could become the United Kingdom prime minister following snap general election where the Conservative party lost parliamentary majority. Either it can form a coalition with one or more other parties, or it can form a minority government, where it has no majority by itself but relies on other parties to make deals on a vote-by-vote basis to pass legislation.

Former Treasury chief George Osborne - who was sacked by May previous year - called her a "dead woman walking", and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was ready to contest another election at any time.

But north of the border the Tories performed strongly under the leadership of Ruth Davidson, winning 12 new seats as the Scottish National Party lost ground. "There's a possibility of voting it down and we're going to push that all the way", he explained.

"I think it's pretty clear who won this election", Corbyn told reporters.

The vicar s daughter presented herself as a "strong and stable leader" but is now facing calls to resign after throwing away her party s 17-seat majority.

"I question whether the new government can cobble together a majority for any version of Brexit-hard, soft, poached, scrambled, or deviled with Tabasco sauce-without losing the support of some Conservative MPs, and potentially losing a Commons vote", writes the BBC's Mark D'Arcy. "In my view it may well just be a period of transition", she told LBC radio. He made up ground in the course of the campaign, closing a big gap.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be forced to seek the support of a regional party in order to continue governing, after the general election she called backfired dramatically.

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