Iran fires missiles at ISIL base in Syria

Violet Powell
June 20, 2017

Senior Iranian military officials have dubbed the Islamic Republic a "missile power" after it launched multiple strikes on ISIS militants in Syria following a terror attack in Tehran that killed several, according to regional reports.

We review key events in Syria, including reports that Syrian and Iraqi troops have joined up across the border, a USA fighter jet shooting down a Syrian warplane and claims that Tehran launched missiles against a command base of the so-called Islamic State in Syria.

The IRGC uses the term Takfiri to describe ISIS.

This story has not been edited. Iran and Saudi Arabia are on opposing sides of wars in Syria and Yemen, fueled in part by competing sectarian ideologies and their differing stances toward Washington. The extremists increasingly have fled to Deir el-Zour as the Islamic State group's de facto capital of Raqqa has come under punishing USA -led airstrikes. It is more likely to have been a warning to the enemies of the Iranian Regime; Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US.

The attacks marked the the first time that ISIS, a Sunni Muslim group fighting Iranian-backed militias in Syria, has claimed responsibility for an attack in Iran.

Tasnim further reported that the six missiles, launched from Iran's western province of Kermanshah, included Zolfaqar high-precision missiles, a mid-range ballistic missile.

The developments added to already-soaring regional tensions and reflect the intensifying rivalry among the major players in Syria's civil war that could spiral out of control just as the fight against the Islamic State group in its stronghold of Raqqa is gaining ground.

Farmers hold protest in Haryana to protest MP firing
Panjab Singh, President of the agri think tank - the National Academy of Agriculture Sciences - said the ongoing farmers protests could be politically motivated.

The official statement said: "The coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria".

Meanwhile, tensions between the United States and Iran have mounted since President Donald Trump took office, with the two countries imposing sanctions on one another last month.

Shiite-majority Iran and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia have always been embroiled in a sectarian feud.

Israel is also concerned about Iran's missile launches and has deployed a multilayered missile-defense system.

It sends "a message to the Saudi-led alliance that "our missiles have the range and the accuracy to strike anywhere in the region'", he said". Former Guard chief Gen. Mohsen Rezai wrote on Twitter: "The bigger slap is yet to come".

"We are following their actions".

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