Sony to Restart Vinyl Record Production in Japan

Jon Howard
July 1, 2017

Sales could reach $900 million in 2017.

SMEJ plans to start manufacturing vinyl at its in-house production facility by March next year.

Sony has confirmed it will begin pressing vinyl records once again, a mere 28 years after it abandoned the format for the compact disc.

Sony's new factory will become just the second active vinyl pressing house in the region, alongside Toyokasei, which Sony hopes will place it in a good position to respond to customer demand.

But despite the current popularity of digital music services like Spotify, old school records are enjoying a renaissance.

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Sony was once a major component in the global record business, churning out millions of records every year to satisfy music lovers around the globe.

A vinyl record in action. If stored correctly, vinyl records could potentially last for centuries.

It has not yet made a decision of which genres it will produce said the company spokesperson.

But audiophiles from all ages have now gone back to vinyl, with the format making a prominent comeback around the world. Some former engineers the company had are now holding advisory roles to help pass their expertise on to the younger ones, said the spokeswoman.

HMV opened its vinyl-focused store in Shibuya, Japan, nearly two years after sales began to show strong growth, while supermarkets including Sainsbury's and Tesco began selling vinyl after LP sales rose by 800% in 2015.

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