Vanderbilt players involved in shooting after bringing pellet gun secure stolen cellphone

Violet Powell
July 1, 2017

Two members of the Vanderbilt college football team were shot in a Target parking lot Monday night and a third was involved in a plan to retrieve one of the players stolen cellphones, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to the AP, one of the players said to police that they brought a pellet gun with them "to help get the phone back", and upon arriving, Coppet got out of Daley's Toyota with the pellet pistol in his hand.

They were reportedly working to recover a stolen cell phone.

. The gunfire left Daley and Coppet wounded and allowed the men suspected of stealing the phone to also drive away in the vehicle the Vanderbilt players had used to travel to the parking lot.

When Coppet exited Daley's vehicle with the pellet pistol, a man in a black Buick next to the trio fired a real pistol and another man fired a shotgun.

Daley was shot in the leg and left with non-critical injuries. In the parking lot, the group pulled up next to the seller's vehicle, and that's when Coppet allegedly got out of the auto with a pellet gun. Coppet is an 18-year-old redshirt freshman from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Police said the players brought a pellet gun to an arranged meeting with the alleged assailants.

The group drove to the lot in Daley's auto and pulled up next to the seller's Buick.

Later in the evening, Tennyson believed he say his phone for sale online. None of the players has been charged in the incident that took place shortly after 9 p.m. on Monday, and neither Coppet's nor Daley's injuries are life-threatening.

Tennyson is a sophomore receiver who played eight games last season and was on the SEC Academic Honor Roll. He didn't catch a pass but had four carries for 28 yards.

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