How the Kardashians are trying to take the heat off Rob

Peter Castro
July 7, 2017

During his rant Wednesday, Kardashian repeatedly re-posted the nude pictures of Chyna, even as Instagram continued to take them down. Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "The Kardashian guy Rob whatever, He is such a ....disaster", a comment that, in turn, landed him in hot water with followers. "We are considering all legal options and recourses at this time", Chyna's attorney, Walter Mosley, told ABC. "I can't believe u would disrespect me like this!"

If you're looking to sip some tea while scrolling through Rob Kardashian's Instagram account, you're too late.

While we might never know exactly what transpired between the two, we sure as hell have now realized the two are in a very toxic entanglement.

Even worse than damaging the brand, family members worry Rob and Chyna are hurting 7-month-old Dream.the Kardashians think it's damaging for Dream to live in homes where the parents are at war.

Anyone pursuing the case would have to show that Blac Chyna did not consent to distribution of the images and that they were intended for private use, Shapiro said.

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A friend close to Chyna told the magazine that she made numerous attempts to prevent Kardashian from contacting her.

At one point during the feud, Rob said "she had a baby out of spite" to get back at Tyga, the father of her eldest child.

Chyna remained relatively quiet throughout the ordeal, save for a Snapchat video flaunting the jewelry Rob claimed to have purchased her one day before the alleged affairs came to light. Kardashian hopes she does not educate their daughter because she is not a woman fit for motherhood.

Instagram eventually suspended Kardashian's account, but that hasn't muted questions about whether Kardashian's posts qualify as "revenge porn", which has been illegal to distribute in California since 2013.

Well, Snoop Dogg offered a hilarious reaction to all the drama on social media. essentially calling Rob a sucker.

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