$399 Rift and Touch makes fun in the VR sun more attainable

Delia Watkins
July 12, 2017

For comparison, video game consoles usually take an average of three to four years to drop to 50 percent of their original asking price, though many counterexamples can be found on either side of that mean. Sony learned that the hard way with the PlayStation 3, when its "599 U.S. dollars" announcement. Oculus had already lowered the price of the Rift + Touch controllers bundle to $599 a few months ago, and for the next six weeks, it'll be even more affordable at $399. To bring this into perspective, for the price of single HTC Vive VR package you can buy no less than two Oculus Rifts.

Rubin also has an answer to those who think that slashing the price of the VR headset is a desperate move to boost sales of the VR headset. So we're going to push the hardware. For us Canadians out there, this translates to $549 CDN, which is about on par with the exchange rate these days. Would you buy the Oculus Rift and Touch controller at this new $399 price point? While the Rift was back-ordered for months as early adopters snapped up initial pre-orders previous year, anecdotal reports suggest retail interest has waned in recent months.

This is the second price cut after the one announced in March, when Facebook permanently slashed the Rift's price to $500 and the motion controllers to $100 instead of $200, notes Fortune.

The pace of game releases has quickened, making a wider appeal possible, Rubin said: "We're now in a space where the mass market can be much happier". "They would've played the one or two they want, and said what's next, and they would've been upset, if they'd spent money on that hardware".

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However, the platform has remained a long-game investment for both Facebook and Oculus.

He also talked about upcoming games. They again asked the Oculus to start the new trial.

Facebook said it has provided more than $250 million in funding to developers to drive more content for the Rift.

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