Houston Nutt Sues Ole Miss

Tricia Pearson
July 14, 2017

Many other allegations in the suit made the same point: Freeze and Ole Miss tried to "carry out a carefully orchestrated misinformation campaign" against Nutt, when it was eventually revealed that Freeze's staff had committed nine of the 13 football violations. The atmosphere was intensely negative which might explain why Freeze brought two of his linemen to Birmingham. They're the ones who deserve this, and they've handled it better than anybody.

In addition to facing almost two dozen NCAA allegations over recruiting violations - including the recruitment of offensive tackle Laramy Tunsil of Lake City - Freeze and other university officials became defendants in a defamation of character and breach of contract lawsuit filed on Wednesday by former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt, who alleges Freeze and the Ole Miss administration enlisted the media in "a deceitful strategy" to claim most of the violations occurred when Nutt was the coach from 2008-2011.

When the ostensibly damaged party is a "public figure" defamation of character lawsuits are very hard to win. Relevant to me is that you have a chance to win on any given Saturday against the greatest teams in college football. Perhaps Nutt's attorney has a strategy based on a future out-of-court settlement.

Nutt's complaint can be read here. Absent that, Nutt's lawyer must prove Ole Miss made public statements with a "reckless disregard" for the facts.

Nutt was the Ole Miss football coach from 2008-11. "I would absolutely love to share my opinion on that but unfortunately it's a legal case and I can't comment", Freeze said of the Nutt lawsuit.

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Hugh Freeze is following sound legal advice that he can not discuss the case. The longer the statement, the less time for questions. Successful or not, it adds more burden on Ole Miss to defend and deflect.

Ole Miss has been under investigation by the NCAA for almost five years. We were provided a copy a short time ago. Ole Miss' filed its response to the notice of allegations, which were issued on February 22.

When the NCAA released an amended Notice of Allegations in April, 17 of the 21 allegations involved Freeze and the current Ole Miss staff. Nutt's name did not appear in the NOA.

Ole Miss has been under investigation for almost five years and the NCAA has already announced its charges against the school, four of which are Level 1 violations - the most severe violation.

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