May shed a 'little tear' over election failure

Jon Howard
July 15, 2017

"When the result came through, it was a complete shock..."

The Prime Minister and Theresa may burst into tears when he learned about the first results of the elections to the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

British Prime Minister Theresa May admitted Thursday she shed "a little tear" after realising her election gamble last month had backfired spectacularly, but denied she had considered quitting.


'It took a few minutes for it to sort of sink in, what that was telling me.

"My husband gave me a hug and then I got on the phone to CCHQ, the Conservative party, to find out what had happened".

Her decision to remain in charge has failed to quell speculation surrounding her leadership, with rumors of a challenge continuing to swirl around Westminster.

"I knew the campaign wasn't going perfectly but, still, the messages I was getting. were that we were going to get a better result than we did".

Asked if she started to cry on hearing the result, the PM told presenter Emma Barnett, "Yes, a little tear at that moment".

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This follows an interview published in The Sun on Thursday where she gave the biggest hint yet that she might not be prime minister going into the next election, saying: "What I want to do is just recognise that there is a job to be done here, over the next few years". During the #Brexit campaign, she sensibly kept a low profile keeping Eurosceptics within the party on her side.

May faces a darker political future than the one she bet on when calling a snap election, or even a year ago, when she came to power on the heels of the Brexit referendum.

May said that she did not think of resigning, adding she felt she had a responsibility to the country.

"I saw a Jeremy Corbyn there who was a good constituency MP, working with those people", she said.

Mrs May said the Conservatives should have offered voters a more positive message during the campaign, but added she did not regret holding an early election because it was "the right thing to do at the time".

Bur she denied being out of touch in not realising the campaign was not going well.

May said: "One of the important things with that deal, was that we were very clear that the Conservative party was not going to row back at all in anything we've done on the equalities agenda".

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