Google introduces personalized news feed for its mobile search app

Violet Powell
July 20, 2017

Today's update introduces the "smart feed" which makes it easier to follow topics of interest and discover new content without necessarily typing a search query. And now, feed will not only be based on interactions with Google, but also factor in what's trending in area and around the world.

The service, which launches on Wednesday in the United States and an global rollout to follow in the coming weeks, uses Google's machine learning algorithms to anticipate what information you'd like to receive, from news, to videos, as well as music and feature stories. Additionally, Apps Script users will also see new cautionary language reminding them to "consider whether you trust" an application before granting OAuth access, as well as a banner identifying web pages and forms created by other users.

The difference: Where Facebook's news feed relies largely on links posted by users' friends, Google feed is powered by the company's all-powerful algorithm - and all the data it's collected on individual users.

The search giant's machine learning algorithm learns from a user's search history as well as information from Google Maps data, Gmail, and YouTube searches to anticipate topics that are most important to the user, and will display stories or videos by topics on cards.

By following specific topics, the Google app will now be able to keep delivering updates and stories that are relevant to what users want to see on their feed.

Google is updating its Google app on Android and iOS to incorporate more machine learning-based personalization features. If you see something that you don't like you tap on a given card or visit your Google app settings to unfollow it.

When will the new feed be available?

It combines the two functions as well, allowing you to click on certain topics to immediately perform a Google search for that item.

What do you think about these new phishing protections?

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According to the Verge, "With the introduction of the feed, the Google Now brand is going away, and the updates it used to contain are moving to a secondary tab called "updates".

These updates can make it easier to stay informed about the topics you care about, Thakur wrote.

If you're exhausted of a certain topic popping up on your feed, like perhaps "Donald Trump", you can tell Google to stop showing stories about him in your feed.

Google has enhanced its Android and iOS app with a personalized news feed, that is similar to the Google Now launcher pane on Android.

The Google app's feed is also able to provide broader context.

Now an update is going to be delivered by Google to its Google app introduced past year.

Although Google will initially offer feed through its smartphone apps, it plans to eventually offer a web version of the service for PC users.

"We do expect it to continue to be engaging when you come to the feed multiple times per day", Thakur said. In addition to regular search results, a card explaining the TV show pops up in the feed with a "Follow" button.

Google Now is dead, long live... the feed.

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