Trump says Apple to build "3 big plants, lovely plants" in US

Delia Watkins
July 28, 2017

President Trump was quoted this week speaking about Apple's plans to bring some manufacturing operations back to the US. The most famous one is probably Foxconn as the company has been building more than a billion iPhones for the past ten years.

Previously, Trump frequently targeted USA companies, including Apple, to create jobs by manufacturing products in the US. Even though Apple has not made any comments immediately following this news article, this development certainly is "big, big, big". Apple never moved jobs offshore, it created them there. To fill that many jobs in the US would have taken nine months, according to Apple. During his campaign, Trump called several times for Apple to build its products in the United States.

In the first scenario, Apple would get components for the iPhone, such as the memory chip, processor, and display screen, shipped to its hypothetical plants in the USA from around the world and put it together in the plants. Apple's iPhone is made in plants based in Mainland China and India.

That said, it's not entirely a surprise to see Apple stay quiet on the news about its future plans. Apple operates these warehouses full of computer equipment in places such as North Carolina and Nevada (in return for big tax breaks) to store people's files including photos and iTunes music. It is understood that the facility will accommodate approximately 10,000 workers.

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While President Trump didn't go into any detail on where the three Apple factories might be located, Foxconn was eyeing investments in Pennsylvania, a state hit hard by job losses.

Technology companies also tend to employ a greater share of millennials, which research says are particularly interested in hearing their CEOs' views on social issues and advocate for them in a public way. Its stock price would be tanking.

Investors by now know not to take the President's comments literally.

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