VP Ansari says Muslims feeling insecure; No better country than India: BJP

Violet Powell
August 11, 2017

Condemning the remark, BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said there is no better country for Muslims than India. But on the last few days in office, Ansari has spoken more like a political leader whose views are same as that of the Congress party, which nominated him to the top post, and the stated view of its topmost leaders' - Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh - on the subject.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who is also leader of the House, said it was "a nostalgic occasion" to bid farewell to Ansari "after completing 10 years as a very distinguished chairperson of this House".

Asked specifically about his speech on Sunday in which he spoke about a nationalism with cultural commitments at its core being perceived as the most conservative and illiberal form of nationalism, and whether the remark was about the mood of the country in 2017, he replied: "Oh, absolutely".

It instantaneously became a huge talking point for Thapar, a senior journalist, who was in no way associated with the Rajya Sabha TV.

"I condemn his comments". Naidu asserted thus after the outgoing vice president Hamid Ansari had stated on Wednesday, a feeling of unrest and insecurity for the Muslims in India.

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Naidu took on Ansari and rejected the latter's claim as politically motivated.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Mr Ansari's insights as a career diplomat proved immensely useful when "I had discussions with you before and after my bilateral visits".

But to the best of his knowledge, Ansari faced no controversy in his long public life which was worth emulating, Modi said.

In the interview, Ansari also spoke about incidents of lynching and "ghar wapsi" and killings of rationalists as a "breakdown of Indian values". "I am grateful to you and your talent in leading the way for the nation", Modi said.

At the farewell function, Modi said Ansari could maintain a delicate balance in the House because of his "intellectual capability and skills". Deputy chairman P J Kurien said, "You protected me, you guided me and you corrected me", he said, adding "if we were to choose our destiny, then we all would pass a resolution to have Chairman Hamid Ansari for another term". "And it has to be addressed politically".

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