Lost Engagement Ring Turns Up On A Carrot. Where Else?

Violet Powell
August 17, 2017

Mary Grams, 84, lost the ring in 2004 while attempting to pull a weed on her farm north of Edmonton, and was called away to help her son before she could find it.

Alberta had lost her ring in gardening, in 2004.

A few weeks later, the clever woman chose to buy a look-a-like so her husband wouldn't notice her missing band.

As for Grams, it turned out she never told her husband she had lost the engagement ring because she believed he would give her "heck" for losing it. But she's still excited to find her engagement ring again: "I'm going to wear it because it still fits", she told CBC.

In 2011, a Swedish woman found her wedding ring 16 years after she lost it.

After asking her husband if he knew of anyone who would own such a ring, he told her Grams had lost hers 13 years ago.

Incredibly, the ring resurfaced in her vegetable garden in August 2017.

The 84-year-old said she is happy that the ring is back on her finger where it belongs.

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A carrot, with an engagement ring grown into it.

She tells CBC, "I thought for sure either they roto-tilled it, or something happened to it". But the farm near Armena, Alta., has been in the family for 105 years and they still maintain a garden there.

"He said, "yeah", she said.

Mary moved away from that home, but it was her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, who found the diamond ring wedged in between a carrot.

It turned up this week on her family farm, fit snugly around a recently-uprooted carrot.

Daley told CBC that it was odd to see that the vegetable had grown perfectly around the ring.

"We looked high and low on our hands and knees", she said. "My granddaughter brought it [to] me yesterday and the first thing I said was, 'Oh yes, that's it'".

Sadly, Grams' husband Norman died five years ago, shortly after their 60th wedding anniversary.

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