Nintendo Switch's Exclusive Rocket League Cars Look Great

Allan Goodman
August 24, 2017

Regardless of the color, the vehicle features the Super Star boost that leaves behind a trail of stars.

Furthermore this new edition of Rocket League will feature The "Mario" and "Luigi" Toppers on any vehicle, the "Super Star" Rocket Boost for the Mario and Luigi cars and the "Wave Beam" Rocket Boost for the "Samus" Gunship'. Whether or not players use the Mario or Luigi NSR will depend on which team color they select before the match - Mario for the Orange team and Luigi for the Blue team.

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Two of the cars are Mario and Luigi themed, and aptly named the Mario NSR and the Luigi NSR. You can see the reveal trailer for the three cars down below. The Battle-Cars will be available as special unlockables when the game is launched on the Nintendo Switch this winter. Look at those sleek contours, the neon green trim, this is a dream vehicle.

Rocket League will be arriving sometime this Holiday on Nintendo Switch, and fans have some free exclusive content to look forward to. That also applies for the Samus Gunship where you get the basic colors for the orange team and a variation of blue Suit for the blue team. A Wave Beam Rocket Boost is exclusive to Samus' Gunship version. Rocket League will support all of the Switch's play modes, included docked TV mode, tabletop mode, handheld mode, and will feature both online and local multiplayer.

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