Bill Nye the Science Guy Disney Screwed Me With Bad Cash Formula!!

Delia Watkins
August 28, 2017

The lawsuit claims Nye, who is owed 16.5 per cent of the series' profits, flagged his concerns after the Disney-owned Buena Vista Television demanded he repay a large portion of his 2007 earnings from the show, citing an "accounting error".

The Walt Disney Co. did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Also named in the suit are ABC, Buena Vista and Touchstone, per the outlet.

According to the docs, Disney told Bill it made an accounting error, and informed him he wouldn't get any future checks until it recouped the $496k. Suspicious, Nye started looking into the financial statements over the years, finding many "dubious" things in the process, per the lawsuit.

Nye says that the audit finally got off the ground in May of 2016, but he alleges that the defendants didn't include documents like licensing agreements and digital sales information.

This has led the lovable Bill Nye to file a lawsuit against Disney, as he has not been paid a significant amount of money which he was owed. But according to a lawsuit filed this week, Nye is going to attempt to school Disney just like he schooled you in the wonderful rules that govern this awesome universe of ours. In a report by CNN, it was reported that Nye is allegedly owed a gross amount of $9 million for his work on the show.

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It also said the complaint accused the companies of misclassifying revenues and expenses. After four years, the suit says, Nye was forced to hire an auditor-and he did in 2013.

The complaint calls Disney's actions an "ongoing, deliberate conspiracy to decive Mr. Nye and the BNSG Owners" out of what it claims is his rightful profits.

Nye is suing for $9.4 million in damages plus $28 million of "ill-gotten" profits the company raked in from the series in subsequent years.

Nye is suing for "fraudulent concealment, fraudulent inducement, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, among other claims", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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