Myanmar military invokes war on terror as Rakhine violence continues

Peter Castro
August 29, 2017

At least 100 people - mostly insurgents - were killed in ensuing clashes that carried over into Saturday, the BBC reports.

Following the attack on Friday, the army declared war against "terrorism" killing many and besieging townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung, a home to almost 800,000 people, imposing a curfew in the area from 6 pm to 6 am.

The Rohingya have no militant faction to fight for them but police in Myanmar and Bangladesh keep blaming a number of attacks on the Muslims.

It also proposed a joint security campaign to drive out Rohingya militants from the Rakhina state of Myanmar.

As per media reports, thousands of Rohingyas are now fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh as fresh violence recently erupted between Myanmarese security forces and Rohingya fighters.

The military, known as the Tatmadaw, reported several clashes involving hundreds of Rohingya insurgents across northern Rakhine state on Sunday.

Reuters reporters at the border heard gunfire from the Myanmar side, which triggered a rush of Rohingya towards the no man's land between the countries.

The Rohingya Muslim community are in dire need of the protections these instruments offer, now more than ever.

Myanmar authorities have previously said they have links to militants trained by the Pakistani Taliban.

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It said that the ARSA are likely aware that their attacks will to lead to a strong military response, as they did in the aftermath of the 2016, and harm Rohingya villagers, many who have already been forced to flee.

Bangladesh has said there are thousands more Rohingya massed on its border with Myanmar, where the stateless minority face persecution.

"Terrorists have been fighting security forces by using children at the frontline (and) setting fire [to] minority-ethnic villages", the office said in its latest statement on Monday.

Sayra Begum, a 28-year-old Rohingya woman from Tomru village in Rakhine, spoke to CNN from an overcrowded, under-supplied refugee camp on the border.

Instead, it is far more responsible to simply amend the Charter to include a crucial qualifier to the effect that the principle of non-interference shall apply to general domestic issues only which do not adversely affect other Asean members, and that exceptions be made in matters relating to grave human rights violations, humanitarian concerns, war crimes and crimes against humanity - of which the Rohingya Muslim crisis certainly qualifies.

Charge'd Affaires of Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka met the Secretary (Asia & Pacific) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mahbub Uz Zaman this afternoon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the evolving situation in the Rakhine State.

Nurul Kabir, a Rohingya man from Buddhist-majority Myanmar, said many Rohingya started fleeing their villages on Thursday morning after Myanmar soldiers and Buddhists started entering their areas.

It also said that any "writing in medias in support of extremist terrorists and ARSA are banned and if those acts described above are found committed in domestic, action will be taken in accordance with Counter-Terrorism Law".

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