Ways The PS4 Has Systematically Destroyed The Xbox One

Allan Goodman
August 30, 2017

Any original Xbox One's that people saw in stores after this point was from previously available stocks or second-hand used trade-ins. In fact, the company hasn't made an original Xbox One in over a year, confirming that production ended when the Xbox One S was first introduced. Kotaku UK reports that while the original Xbox One has vanished from the United States store, Microsoft's UK store simply lists the old console as "sold out". Microsoft struggled to sell the Xbox's "all-in-one" message that emphasized entertainment.

Since then, Microsoft has launched the Xbox One S, a sleek and lovely device meant to replace the eyesore that was the original Xbox One. With that said, in a recent interview with DualShockers, Xbox Games Marketing General Manager, Aaron Greenberg, stated that he wants to see the Xbox One consoles feature more diversity.

Microsoft is no longer selling its original Xbox One in the US.

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Original Xbox Ones have been gradually harder and harder to find over the a year ago, and Microsoft has only been promoting the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X in that time anyway.

While Microsoft's latest console is the most powerful one now in existence, its dominance might not last for very long. They also stopped developing Xbox 360.

MicrosoftA promotional photo of the Xbox One X. If you can't find any to purchase, you'll need to get an Xbox One S system or wait until November for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X, billed as the most powerful console to release on the market.

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