Marvel and 'Star Wars' Movies Will Move to Disney's Streaming Service

Peter Castro
September 8, 2017

Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that the company will be bringing its Marvel and StarWars films to their new streaming service, causing another possible blow to Netflix. Iger said that a summer discussion with division leaders made him decide that "accelerating our controlling position in BAMTech (Disney's video streaming technology company) would be the smartest thing we could do to contend with the disruptive forces in the media space". There is also a chance that global versions of the service will launch before the USA launch due to streaming rights clearances.

The app will include a library of content, including films, shorts, and over 7,000 episodes of Disney television shows.

The decision also means that Netflix - which now has an exclusive deal with Disney to stream its new films - may not have any major titles from Disney after 2019, when their partnership ends. The service is expected in late 2019 after Disney's current deal with Netflix expires. The news was met with some trepidation for Disney fans who weren't looking forward to subscribing to another service, and excitement in others - including /Film's own Josh Spiegel - who hoped this streaming service would make available classic animated films that are sealed up in the "Disney Vault".

Marvel and Star Wars films will be Disney streaming exclusives

Last year, Disney said it was taking a 33 percent stake in BAMTech for $1 billion.

"It will have the entire output of the studio, animation, live action at Disney, including Pixar, Star Wars, and all the Marvel films", Iger said. That's a huge blow to Netflix, which now has an exclusive deal with Disney. Rhimes, the Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator, has spent more then a decade at Disney's ABC. Higher costs related to a new N.B.A. programming deal and the lack of a major "Star Wars" movie will contribute to Disney's flat 2017 results. Most of the kid-friendly content or biggest movie releases will now be on one service; a lot of the adult TV, movie, and popular original content will still be on Netflix.

For now, you can still catch all your Marvel and Stars Wars movies on Netflix.

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