TVR premieres its 200 miles per hour Griffith at Goodwood

Delia Watkins
September 10, 2017

Expected to wear the Griffith nameplate as a tip of the hat to one of its classic models, the new grand touring coupe will be powered by a front-mounted Cosworth-tuned 5.0-liter V8 borrowed from the Ford Mustang parts bin. When you consider that, alongside the approach to driver aids-there's antilock braking and switchable traction control-it's nearly as if the Griffith is the very opposite of most new cars we write about, which keep getting bigger, heavier, and more automated.

Despite such a large and powerful engine, the Griffith's V8 is said to be "utterly reliable and dependable, with sensible servicing intervals". TVR has returned to the Griffith name for this 500hp (373kW) rear-wheel drive V8 with a manual gearbox, a downforce-generating underbody, and as few driver aids as is possible to fit into a vehicle and still meet European regulation approval.

But rather than adopting a novel name for the revival, the new sports auto is called Griffith, last used 15 years ago. It also gets a bespoke lighter flywheel and clutch.

Gordon Murray's contribution comes in the form of iStream, the carbon composite body is fitted over a steel and aluminium chassis with carbon composite panels bonded to the frame for additional strength. With stats like these, performance comes easy: 0-100 miles per hour (0-161 km/h) comes in just over six seconds and the top speed sits at a round 200 miles per hour (322 km/h).

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The interior looks just as special as we'd expect from a TVR. The LE will be offered with unique 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels, as well as unique paint colours. The suspension of this new TVR uses double wishbones at either end, along with adjustable coil over dampers and concentric springs. Instead, there's a McLaren-style portrait-orientated touchscreen infotainment system.

While every TVR owner has a positive story about the car's speed, they have more tales about the car's unreliability.

The TVR Griffith Launch Edition starts at £90,000, and "a small number of allocations" remain available to order. TVR also promises there will be "more than adequate" luggage space, so long trips with you and a passenger will definitely be doable. The company has had what can only be described as an interesting ownership history, but its British owners acquired it from Russian entrepreneur Nikolay Smolensky in 2013. Starting from £90,000, production of the new TVR Griffith Launch Edition will begin in late 2018.

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