Stranded Manatees in Sarasota, Florida Saved

Violet Powell
September 12, 2017

As Hurricane Irma raged 100 miles away, people in Manatee County, Fla., put their lives on the line to save, well, manatees.

A group of locals are being hailed as heroes for coming to the rescue of a pair of manatees left stranded and running out of time after Hurricane Irma drained the waterways around Tampa Bay, Florida on Sunday.

Marcelo Clavijo said he was out for a drive because he was going "stir crazy" sitting at home, when he stopped by the bay and spotted the beached sea cows.

The viral Facebook post has more than 96,000 likes and 68,000 shares.

Clavijo pronounced it: "a pretty cool experience".

Clavijo said they got the manatees onto a tarp and dragged them 100 feet.

Two manatees are rescued from Sarasota Bay when the water receded
Two manatees are rescued from Sarasota Bay when the water receded

Great job today by Deputies Mizner and Hart as they helped rescue two Manatees that were stranded in receding water. But once the eye passes and the wind reverses, the water will rush back in.

"Under normal circumstances, they would never beach themselves voluntarily, so it's an animal that could be compromised by a situation like this", Jack Cover, general curator at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, tells NPR.

The post was seen by Manatee County police and the Florida and Wildlife Conservation Commission who turned up to the area and rescued the animals.

Perhaps nothing illustrates that better than a still photograph taken by Michael Sechler, which shows a manatee stranded near Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

Hurricane Irma's extremely low pressure is what caused the water to recede, according to experts.

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