Angelina Jolie: My kids worked hard on film set

Peter Castro
September 13, 2017

The actress was accompanied by Zahara (12), Shiloh (11) and nine-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Angelina went on to praise her "strong-minded" children for their bravery during the hard time. "Months later I was working on land mines and wanting to go back to Cambodia and I was put in touch with the author [Loung Ung].I met her and it changed my life". I never force them.

"(But) films like this that spark discussions between adults and children, I think, are never a bad thing and using a respectful and responsible way to telling stories like this". Only missing Maddox on September 10 in Toronto at the premiere of The Breadwinner, during which the actress appeared smiling.

Jolie opened up for the first time about her growing responsibilities as a single mother to a leading magazine. "I have a lot to learn". She had been living with her relatively well-off family in Phnom Penh, one of several children of a government official when the Khmer Rouge communist movement took over the city and moved everyone to work camps, where they were made to give up their possessions and farm and embrace a "selfless" lifestyle.

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After Jolie's remarkable achievement in the world of acting, her ingress into the world of filmmaking already looks promising. They've been very fearless.

It "tells the sad reality of many girls having to work and not go to school", said Jolie.

Jolie revealed that the script to "Maleficent 2" is now being worked out and she has high hopes that it will be a strong sequel. "It was not a goal to become a director", she said.

"Our lifestyle was not in any way a negative". They're six very strong-minded, thoughtful, worldly individuals. Her kids kept it casual, Zahara in a pretty maroon lace dress with lace-up ankle boots, and Shiloh and the twins in pants and shirts. And we're guessing it's got to do with the quality time she's spending with her brood. I suspect Ung's book fills in those gaps, but Jolie's film has little of the visual and dramatic immediacy the page can't capture. It's not something I wanted.

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