Facebook Further Restricting Monetization

Allan Goodman
September 15, 2017

While Brand safety has always been the top priority with thousands of advertisers posting ads on the Facebook, it is mandatory that the company should take some effort especially after the advertisers tanked the YouTube ads after discovering that the ads were run in all kind of content that promoted a lot of degrading phenomena including racism.

"With regards to brand safety, generally, people who view content in News Feed implicitly understand that the individual posts they see are not connected to or endorsed by the other posts in their feed-from brands or anyone else", wrote Carolyn Everson, Facebook's VP Global Marketing Solutions in a blog post.

Every day, people come to Facebook to connect with stories from creators and publishers they love.

Facebook released new "montetization eligibility standards" Wednesday that is says are meant to 'provide clearer guidance around the types of publishers and creators that are eligible to earn money'. If what's published is deemed to be in violation of these guidelines, publishers will be notified that ads have been removed from the material - a decision that can be appealed.

In an effort to further combat hate speech and other violations, Facebook will add 3,000 content reviewers, almost doubling its existing team, said Carolyn Everson, Facebook senior vice president for global marketing solutions.

Facebook has also been dealing with the spread of misinformation on its platform, reporting last week that fake accounts, likely linked to Russian Federation, spent $100,000 in ads ahead of the USA election.

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Facebook is making it harder to profit off of smut, vice and fake news. "That being said, content adjacency might still be a concern for other ad placements in which the disconnect between content and advertisement may not be as clear". The full list of publishers on the complete set of formats for Audience Network is expected to be available by October.

With early indications that Watch is drawing an audience, coming out with standards early in its roll out gives Facebook an opportunity to build a quality environment. The company removes the content if it violates these standards.

The post stated sharing content that repeatedly violates the Content Guidelines for Monetization, share clickbait or sensationalized news or post misinformation and fake news might lose the ability to run ads.

Another is that creators and publishers must have an "authentic, established presence on Facebook", meaning they have had a profile or Facebook page for at least one month.

Among the content that will likely get publishers cut off from ad revenue are misappropriations of children's characters, debated social issues, violence, adult content, drug and alcohol use, offensive language and graphic content.

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