Russian military bombards ISIS targets in Syria

Violet Powell
September 15, 2017

The two submarines launched seven Kalibr missiles against targets located some 500-650 kilometers away, the Russian Defense Ministry said adding that the target's destruction had been proven by intelligence. This isn't the first time Russian Federation is stepping up to the plate, as they have been backing Syrian President since 2015.

The projectiles destroyed control centers, communication hubs and arms dumps being used by the terrorists, the regime said.

Russia's strike on militants in the country comes on the heels of a controversial agreement to allow safe passage of IS fighters and their relatives from Lebanon across Syria. It has repeatedly fired salvoes of such missiles, from both the sea and mainland Russian Federation.

As IS continues to lose ground in Syria and Iraq, the extremists recently released a video encouraging fighters to join a campaign in the Philippines near the city of Marawi.

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US-backed Syrian forces are meanwhile advancing in the surrounding province from the east and north, on the other side of the river, setting up a race to the border with Iraq.

On September 5, Syrian army troops and allied forces broke the three-year siege on Deir ez-Zor. The U.S. said it did not strike the convoy itself because of the presence of civilians.

The convoy was stranded in the desert for about two weeks, even though reports claim that some of the vehicles were able to slip into the militant-held territory.

They said that while the militants still control rural areas outside the city and the border with Iraq, they are now encircled by Syrian troops from three sides, with their backs to the Euphrates River.

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