Nike Unveils All 30 NBA Statement Jerseys

Jon Howard
September 17, 2017

At an event in Los Angeles new National Basketball Association jersey supplier Nike billed as an "Innovation Summit", a gold Jazz jersey was revealed along with threads for the 29 other teams in the league that Nike is calling the "Statement" jersey.

The Cavaliers will unveil one more new uniform to complete the entire new look.

While the new program can bring added value to a jersey purchase for fans, the value for Nike is much more tangible.

Teams like Boston, Chicago and Cleveland will wear black uniforms with team-specific details to show strength and power.

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The Statement Edition jersey is inspired by teams' desire to "make a bold statement the moment they step on the court". You might notice that some of the teams have the same jersey as previous years, but there are some significant changes to the 76ers, Pacers, and a few others. The trim of the jersey is also navy. It features an NFC chip (near field communication chip), and when you download a Nike app, it'll unlock exclusive content for that player.

The company has truly pushed the envelope by syncing the jerseys to an app called NikeConnect.

These black jerseys will be available for $110 as a replica Swingman jersey or $200 as an Authentic jersey.

Instead of always wearing the white uniform, home teams this season will get to choose which of their jerseys they wear for a given game.

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