Ryanair say eight Irish flights among today's cancellations

Jon Howard
September 18, 2017

The airline said the cancellations, which have already begun, were due to a number of factors including air traffic control strikes, weather disruption, and the need to meet a requirement for holiday time for its crews following the introduction of a new roster structure as required by regulators.

Changes imposed by the Irish Aviation Authority in line with European law means Ryanair must bring staff holidays in line with the calendar year from January, requiring it to allocate that leave before the end of the year.

Passengers on affected flights will receive a text message or email, Ryanair said.

Maria Joanna Suquitana said guests heading to her brother's wedding in Italy had their flights cancelled hours before departure.

Ryanair says it only affects two per cent of its schedule.

He said on Twitter that the company had given him two days' notice and had offered him a replacement flight three days after his original booking.

Nearly 2 per cent of scheduled flights will be cancelled over the next six weeks in order to "improve punctuality".

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Ryanair says that less than 2% of its flights will be cancelled and the move would help it hit its annual punctuality target of 90%.

Ryanair published the weekend's cancellations online but has not publicly confirmed which other flights will be axed over the next six weeks, causing angst for many customers who have booked travel with the airline. That is left the transporter without enough pilots and flight chaperons to man its full armada of Boeing Co.

Flights between Dinard airport and Stansted, Dublin and Paris Beauvais, and Stansted and Nice are among the 80 flights affected on Saturday, September 16.

Ryanair, the largest carrier in Europe, canceled 82 flights Sunday because of vacation scheduling problems with its pilots.

Lea Maquin, from Cambridge, said: 'Thank you Ryanair for ruining our holiday by cancelling our return flight'.

"Alternatively you must be offered a full refund".

His acknowledgement of the airline's responsibility indicates that Ryanair will pay passengers whose flights are cancelled the statutory compensation of either €250 or €400 each, depending on the distance of the flight.

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