Logan County Health Department offers flu vaccine

Joy Montgomery
September 22, 2017

Stanford usually gets the vaccine during the "blitz" on September 21 when the Health System tries to vaccinate as many faculty and staff as early as possible, and within 24 hours, to minimize the effects of the coming flu season.

State health officials are becoming concerned after they say a tough flu season could be right around the corner.

"Talk to your health care professional if you have questions about the flu vaccine and if there are other vaccines that are recommended for you", Hogan said. "The main message is we do not recommend, nor does the CDC, that individuals get the nasal spray".

Yearly flu vaccination for everybody over six months of age continues to be the "first and best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu". Doctors along with Ballard say with simple tips, the possibility of catching the flu this season could be decreased.

The flu vaccination programme is part of the wider "Stay Well this Winter" programme operated by the Public Health Agency and the Health and Social Care Board which enables people to take simple steps during the colder months to look after their health.

Her sister-in-law said her son won't be named until his mum wakes from her coma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu season can begin as early as October and November and last as late as May. "It doesn't. There's a chance you might be a little sore or achy after getting the shot, but it's simply a mild side effect of the shot itself", Haskins said.

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"The flu shot will last through the flu season", Watson says.

No appointment is needed to get a flu vaccine on October 5th, and no other vaccinations will be available that day.

"We're not quite sure if the flu season has peaked or not".

And then there's the fact that the fall marks both the beginning of the US school season and generally drives people indoors, allowing for far more contact-and the potential for flu transmission. "But as an advocate for pregnant women, what I hope doesn't happen is that people panic and stop getting vaccinated". Just four of a comparable 485 healthy pregnancies involved women who were vaccinated that way. Last year, only 13 percent of college-age residents between the ages of 18-24 were vaccinated in the state of MI. Flu vaccines contain inactivated viruses or no viruses at all, according to the CDC.

Dr Linda Diggle, head of preventive programmes, said that children aged five and below are two to three times more likely to contract the virus than adults and once infected can remain contagious for longer.

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