Labour 'war-gaming' for run on pound if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM

Joy Montgomery
September 27, 2017

Speaking in Brighton, McDonnell will say that those in debt should not have to pay back more than double of what they borrowed. But we will go further.

He told followers of Momentum, a hard-left activist group that he "doesn't think" there will be a slump in the currency, but "you never know, so we've got to scenario-plan for that".

A CONTROVERSIAL private contract used to fund Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary could be brought back into public ownership under a Labour government, the party has claimed. This has gone some way to deliver a more balanced distribution of profit between the public and private sector while maintaining the government's commitment to private sector involvement in infrastructure and services. In the NHS alone, £831m in pre-tax profits have been made over the past six years.

The shadow chancellor said looking ahead, scenario planning and even drafting legislation in preparation for forming a government was all underway.

The shadow chancellor has expanded on plans initially put forward in the manifesto in the snap general election in June.

And he offered an olive branch to the party's Blairite wing, praising the record of the New Labour administrations which are often the butt of abuse from Corbyn-backers.

Target raises minimum wage to $11 an hour, $15 by 2020
The controversial House Bill 2, repealed last spring, explicitly forbade local governments from setting their own minimum wages. The company said the $11 hourly wage tops the minimum wage in 48 states and matches the minimum in MA and Washington.

"This is a party of all communities around the country".

A "bellicose" tweet from US President Donald Trump constitutes a "declaration of war" against North Korea, the regime's foreign minister said yesterday as he threatened to shoot American military aircraft out of global skies, reports The Times. Infrastructure investment has many real and tangible benefits for the economy, including jobs growth and improved productivity, so any reduction in long term spending is going to damage the medium and long term prospects for the United Kingdom economy.

A Survation poll on Tuesday showed Labour would be the largest party in parliament, albeit short of an outright majority, if a vote were held now.

But, while having a realistic shot at government and a clearer political identity that has attracted the attention of business, Corbyn's Labour has not been met with universal enthusiasm in the siderooms and bars of Brighton's seafront hotels, where most of the informal lobbying takes place.

"Employment law and other regulatory aspects of such changes would also be hugely complicated and require extensive (re) negotiations".

Appearing alongside the shadow chancellor at a fringe event, she told him Brexit was already creating "really significant uncertainty" and there are "real questions about what kind of an economy we are and what kind of a place we are to set up a business".

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