New Sony PSVR CUH-ZVR2 Revealed

Allan Goodman
October 3, 2017

The updated version of the PlayStation VR North American release date will be announced at sometime in the coming days.

The Sony PlayStation VR headset launched a year ago and now it gets a design update.

With model number CUH-ZVR 2, the PS VR 2 is getting ready for a grand launch and when it does it will have stereo earphones built into the headset. The new headset commonly referred to as the PS VR packs numerous improvements over its predecessor.

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Sony hasn't revealed full details of the upcoming VR headset but has said that in order to differentiate between the two models, it'll ship with updated retail packaging. This means that if they want to benefit from the new unit, users will have to buy the new headset in its entirety. Aside from functioning like a regular credit card, it will also give other exclusive bonuses like Sony reward points and PlayStation Store credit. Additionally, the company has announced that the new upgraded VR has HDR passthrough support. Sony has also made the connection cable slimmer to reduce its overall profile. These new features don't justify a name change, so the device will still be called simply PSVR, although Sony confirms that the new model will be identifiable through the new package and model number. The new CECH-ZCM 2 J features a USB port. All PSVR games will be compatible with both models.

In a blog entry, Sony stated, that It has been just about a year since the dispatch of PlayStation VR. The headset itself will not display HDR, however, and so HDR is only passed through when the unit is in standby. Regardless of when they arrive, however, all bundle pricing will remain the same, Sony's confirmed. In Canada, the base PlayStation VR bundle starts at $549.99.

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