WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results & Video Highlights

Peter Castro
October 10, 2017

This should become obvious this week on "Smackdown Live" when Zayn addresses the situation, as Owens himself seemed in shock at what transpired.

If the late November show is the goal WWE is working towards, then we can expect to see a Team Owens vs. Team Shane at the Houston show. But after the decisive loss fans will likely be anticipating something like the "last straw" between the feuding teammates being reached on Tuesday's installment of Smackdown Live. While the lead-up to this match, including the contrived charade with Vince McMahon getting bloodied and battered by Owens, was implausible... It started off with some quick back and forth action until Roode took control. Rather than finish the match there and pin Owens, McMahon made a decision to head to the top of the cell in attempt to recreate his legendary WrestleMania 32 bump off the top of the cell. KO even harrassed Shane O'Mac's kids, who were sitting at ringside. Charlotte vs. Natalya was clearly the first of what will be a long series of matches. Identical to WrestleMania 33, he missed the mark and it hurt him.

Unfortunately for Shane, Owens managed to get out of the way (with a little help) just in time, leaving nothing but announce table to absorb the impact of the fall. Medical personnel came down to check on Owens, but McMahon wasn't finished yet. Throw in the fact that Bryan adding a third man to the match actually screws over Styles way more than it does Baron Corbin, and you've got the makes of a botched build. I'm guessing this one will be more of a tremendous beatdown at the hands of Owens. After some vicious drops on top of the steel cage, McMahon was able to knock Owens off the side of the Cell through a ringside table, an homage to the very first Hell in a Cell match. He hesitated, though, which led to Mr.

Results: After one hell of a insane Hell in a Cell match brimming with innovation, the Usos handcuffed Xavier Woods and focused on Big E. They did a double splash off the top, but Xavier broke up the pin.

Kante and Fellaini injury fears
However, on Sunday the Belgian FA announced via their official Twitter account that the injury was not as bad as first expected. Discussing his player yesterday, Martinez said: "We are all anxious about Fellaini". "We fear that there is ligament damage".

The two battled inside of the cell before the carnage moved to the outside. It's time to give Big Banter some of his confidence back by having him win the United States Championship. So what does McMahon decide to do?

At SummerSlam, Rusev lost to Randy Orton in ten seconds and it embarrassed the Bulgarian Brute. However, he was saved by ...

On Sunday night, McMahon took part in a Hell in a Cell Match against Kevin Owens, where falls counted anywhere, and he pulled off a death-defying leap that would make Mick Foley wince. Orton tried to end the match early with an RKO, but the Bulgarian Brute avoided disaster and went on the offense. Both Owens and Zayn have had a storied past and with all that has happened between the two of them, it could mean a number of things.

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