Slow iPhone? Apple's iOS updates aren't to blame

Delia Watkins
October 11, 2017

This update is not going to be released quite yet, but the beta will begin next week.

Apple recently launched the all-new iPhone X along with new OS 11.

The video below from the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac give us a look at some of the new features in the latest beta of iOS 11.1.

However, the biggest complaint seems to be that iOS 11 is sapping the battery life out of iPhones.

Since Apple has chose to tease which emojis will be coming out with iOS 11.1, we thought we would give you a small rundown. Now, Twitter also supports these new Emojis which you can use in the tweet.

It is expected that the emojis will be made available on Android devices later this year.

New designs comprise emojis from various sections such as animals, food, and gender unbiased characters amongst others. So, majority are eagerly waiting for next version of Apple's iOS 11.0.3.

The new operating system has not yet notified its users of any security updates.

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This may be the most woke emoji set yet.

Below is a completely subjective ranking of these 42 new emoji, based on factors such as their cultural significance, how likely it is you'll actually use them, and how much I personally like them.

The new emoji will finally arrive on iPhones "in late October or early November", according to Emojipedia.

The update also features characters previewed at the World Emoji Day on July 17, which include a woman with a headscarf as well as a bearded man, a breastfeeding woman, a zombie and a person in a lotus position.

This malfunctioning will be eliminated in iOS 11.0.2.

The new emoji will roll out with the iOS 11.1 update for iPhone and iPad.

A pre-release version of iOS 11.1 is now available to anyone with a developer account and anyone signed up via the company's Beta Software Program. This group holds a week-long meeting once every three months.

If you're thinking about downloading the iOS 11.1 update ahead of its release date, dig into our guide.

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