Donald Trump Is Being Subpeonaed Over Sexual Misconduct

Violet Powell
October 17, 2017

Trump's lawyers have tried to bat away the charges, insisting that the president is protected from civil lawsuits in state court while he's in office.

The Trump campaign has said that the lawsuit "has no legal merit" because Trump's statements about Zervos "were made during a national political campaign that involved heated political debate in political forums".

"All I can say is it's totally fake news", Donald Trump today when asked about the Gloria Allred penned subpoena seeking documents from his campaign over allegations of sexual harassment. He's now ordered to provide the court with all documents from his election campaign about "any woman alleging that [he] touched her inappropriately".

Zervos first filed a subpoena in March that includes Trump's campaign organization and any related "directors, officers, partners, shareholders, managers, attorneys, employees, agents and representatives", BuzzFeed reported. At one point during filming, she reached out to his office in 2007 to set up a lunch with him, which Trump offered to host at his office, according to her.

President Donald Trump again slammed "fake news" Monday, this time denouncing sexual assault allegations made against him after a former contestant from "The Apprentice" filed a subpoena against the Trump campaign.

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Information about the subpoena was entered into the court record as part of a filing in which Zervos' attorneys argued against dismissal of the suit. They said it targeted 'wholly irrelevant information intended exclusively to harass the president'. "Indeed, Ms. Allred herself has questioned how the President could run the country if faced with broad discovery". "She came forward to report the details of Defendants' unwanted sexual battery only after he repeatedly lied publicly about his behavior".

Zervos said a year ago that Trump had made unwanted sexual advances toward her when she met him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles in 2007 to discuss career opportunities. "Defendant then used his global bully pulpit to violate her for a second time".

Vice President Mike Pence laughs as U.S. President Donald Trump holds a baseball bat as they attend a Made in America product showcase event at the White House in Washington, U.S., July 17, 2017.

Only time will tell if anything comes of this, but between the Russian Federation investigation and Trump's history of alleged sexual assault, it seems like almost every single document from the 2016 Trump campaign will wind up being presented in court one day.

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