Ed Boon Discusses Bringing Injustice 2 And NetherRealm Games To Nintendo Switch

Allan Goodman
October 17, 2017

However, Nintendo now looks to be attempting to make the Switch appeal to more adult gamers more used to playing games on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

With the announcement last month that Mantis Burn Racing was coming to the Nintendo Switch, UK based indie developer VooFoo Studios have now announced that the game will run at 60fps on Nintendo Switch in both TV mode and Handheld mode. The Injustice 2 developer suggests that on the Switch "you could have tournaments, everyone comes over with their own system and you can have whole structured tournaments and parallel gameplay and all that". He was wrong. When he talked to Nintendo about it, they gave him positive feedback. The accessibility of nearly every game being available to everyone has helped the company launch into worldwide recognition, but as other console manufacturers have accommodated the ageing gamers and their craving of more mature content, Nintendo has frequently remained passive on the matter. Boon explains that it would be possible to make any game on any console and that Injustice could run on the Atari 2600 but "it's not going to be great".

According to The Wall Street journal, "Nintendo Co.is encouraging some producers of violent or risqué videogames to provide content for its Switch console in an attempt to shed its image as a maker of devices just for families, software developers say". "As a result, if an Injustice 2 port was to happen, "[NetherRealm] would need to set up something in terms of an external team".

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Boon knows what needs to be done then, but how likely is it that Injustice 2 on the Nintendo Switch will become a reality? The news appeared on Twitter and got a massive response from gamers. Apparently, there are some important reasons behind Sony's choice that will not make them change their minds.

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"Injustice 2" is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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