Volkswagen has announced the premiere of the new sports vehicle

Jon Howard
October 21, 2017

Volkswagen announced that they are throwing an all-new electric race auto into the ring, er, on the racetrack.

Volkswagen revealed it will be coming to Pikes Peak in 2018 with the hopes of breaking the record for fastest time up the 12.4 mile course.

VW is gearing up for next year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado with the debut of a new electric race vehicle, which VW hopes will set a new record for electric cars. So between a fully-paved road (finished in 2011) and improvements in electric vehicle technology, times have been tumbling recently and electric cars and motorcycles are setting extremely good times. "The extreme stress test on Pikes Peak will give us important findings that will benefit future development, and it will showcase our products and their technologies", he continued. "Our team is literally electrified about taking on this incredible challenge". Dr. Welsch is the member of VW's board responsible for development.

"It is high time for a rematch", says Smeets.

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To do that, the comically winged Volkswagen will need to climb 1440 metres to the top of the peak in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

The current overall record is held by Sebastian Loeb, who reached the top in an 875 hp Peugeot in just 8 mins 13.878 secs, while the electric auto mark was set past year at 8 min 57.118 secs in a purpose-built racer designed by Latvian bespoke EV firm Drive EO. VW is presenting details about the racer quite a while ahead of the actual event - set to take place on June 24, 2018. By 2025, VW has set its sights on offering 23 all-electrics, making it the leading producer of electric vehicles in the industry.

The German brand has been teasing the new electric racer in a series of tweets, using the hashtags #UnfinishedBusiness and #ChallengeReloaded.

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