Two-thirds of USA baby food tested positive for arsenic, unsafe toxins

Joy Montgomery
October 28, 2017

A study by the Clean Label Project has revealed two-thirds of baby food in United States has tested positive for arsenic and other unsafe toxins.

Many baby food products, including infant formulas, were tested positive for arsenic and other toxic contaminants known to pose potential dangers to developing minds and bodies.

The laboratory tests found that 65 percent of the products contained arsenic, 58 percent cadmium, 36 percent lead, and 10 percent acrylamides.

And, according to the data from the Clean Label Project, there are other chemicals in foods that parents need to be aware of. More than a third of the popular baby foods tested positive for lead.

Of the products that claim to be BPA-free, 60 percent were found positive for the industrial chemical bisphenol A.

Almost 80 percent of infant formulas tested positive for arsenic, and 60 percent of products claiming to be BPA free tested positive for BPA.

In October 2017, several news organizations reported that an "alarming", "scary" and "staggering" study had found widespread chemical contaminants in baby food.

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And over 35 percent of infant formula had some levels of lead.

"As for the latter, one of their key roles is to be their children's advocate and help companies change the infant formula and baby food status quo", it said.

This study was conducted recently and the products bought were just 5 months old.

The researchers also found that mainstream brands, which include Enfamil, Gerber, Plum Organics, and Sprout, were among the worst offenders that scored two out of five in the report card for toxic metals. The World Health Organization states that arsenic can lead to developmental defects, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurotoxicity and cancer.

Arsenic and cadmium are naturally occurring elements found in soil, water and air, so it is not surprising that they are found in food.

A Forbes article published in 2014, listed 11 different chemicals that affected baby's brain development, and both arsenic and lead were present on the list.

MORE | The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has information on arsenic in rice and rice products here.

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