Sony debuts brutal new Last Of Us 2 trailer

Delia Watkins
October 31, 2017

We knew from the first game that it was a cut-throat world out there, but this new trailer shows just how extreme and risky is. Still not excited? Well, you should be. This was headlined by a brand new trailer for a little game called The Last of Us Part II. But be warned as it is kind of... ehm... disturbing. Unfortunately though, we do not know many stuff about the game. We're not convinced there's the obvious resemblance that some fans are seeing between the woman in the trailer and Ellie, but there is one last convincing clue: Naughty Dog tweeted out pics of the new characters and their names. I am very sure that no one of us saw this coming from them.

We didn't see any Ellie or Joel, but we do see a new female character getting lynched by some religious whackadoodles.

So, stay tuned for more fellas!

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But that hasn't stopped viewers from making big guesses as to who this woman, who ends up breaking free of her noose and grabbing a hammer that's just been used as a murder weapon, may be. The second trailer revealed by Naughty Dog is Lev and the voice actor behind him is Ian Alexander, the man who is known for his role as Buck Vu in The OA TV series. The desperate violence of the first game worked great, but it wasn't its selling point - here, a spotlight is placed upon it so bright that it leaves every other facet of the trailer in complete darkness.

The Last of Us 2 will be built upon what the devs call the "evolution" of Naughty Dog's game engine. The facial animation in particular is wonderful, but the first trailer showcases the nuanced animation of Ellie's hands as she plays guitar.

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