The Nintendo Switch will surpass Wii U sales in double quick time

Allan Goodman
October 31, 2017

Nintendo seems to be more confident about its latest console, the Switch, which is quite evident with the latest sales forecast the gaming brand has presented.

It has also sold 27.5m Switch game units. Operating profit for the half ended September came in at 39.9 billion yen in first-half operating profit, a turnaround from the 5.9 billion yen operating loss a year earlier, the company reported Monday.

That console was on the market for about five years but failed to live up to its predecessor the Wii, which sold 20 million in its first year and went on to shift more than 100 million units.

That the Nintendo Switch is a popular device isn't really some kind of shocking revelation. Amid outsized demand from makers of smartphones and electrified vehicles, the company is seeing "intermittent shortages of various parts", even transistors and other commodity-grade components, said a Nintendo procurement executive.

Following strong hardware sales throughout 2017-the console has topped the NPD charts in four of the six months of its availability-Nintendo's new estimate for Switch is up 40 percent from its previous forecast of 10 million units sold by next March.

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Some have found it hard to buy a Switch because of supply shortages.

"We've boosted Switch production to meet strong demand as it was hard for customers to buy the consoles at retail stores." .

"We've given customers a different way to play", Kimishima said.

Problems regarding available supplied of Nintendo Switch stock appear to be easing, which has helped the company reach its highest performance in seven years.

As for bragging rights, the Switch version of Chess Ultra will have one Switch-exclusive feature in the form of the game's new Cross-Table mode, which allows two players to set the Switch system down between them and use separate Joy-Con controllers to move around their individual pieces. This Switch sales number is sans Super Mario Odyssey, Black Friday and the awaited Christmas holidays. There has been some skepticism on the fact that the work necessary to enable third-party accessories was also exactly what was needed to add GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch.

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