Where do you stand on the great cheeseburger emoji debate of 2017?

Allan Goodman
October 31, 2017

But Twitter users noticed over the weekend that there's something very wrong with Google's cheeseburger emoji. The order that Google used, on the other hand, was the bun, lettuce, tomato, patty, cheese, and then bun. While it is unclear if Google will change its cheeseburger emoji, it appears Pichai is at least taking the issue to heart. First, though, what exactly is the problem in this scenario?

For the sake of balance - and because, clearly, this is a debate of utmost importance - Microsoft's burger emoji goes bun-lettuce-tomato-cheese-meat-bun, just like McDonald's and Five Guys.

However, Pichai said that as the matter will resolve, Google will re-arrange its cheeseburger emoji. Whether or not he is serious about this remains to be seen. Others, on the other hand, disagree and emojis by other brands and services are even getting dragged into the controversy.

Pichai's reaction come shortly after Baekdal's tweet reached two million twitter users. For now, the one made by Google will likely stay as it is.

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The difference in both emojis is the placing of the layer of cheese which induced an extensive debate between cheeseburgers lovers.

Not a single one places the cheese underneath the patty though, so Google's alone in its mistake there. On the other hand, Google's cheese slice would dissolve into a sticky puddle on the bun, making it soggy and hard to eat.

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