Overwatch's Next Map Is Blizzard World, A Tribute To Blizzard Games

Allan Goodman
November 4, 2017

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The Super ability of the new Overwatch character is apparently a move called Coalescence, where Moira channels her energy into a big beam that heals her allies, but can also bypass her enemy's barriers in order to damage them. Her right hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies' health, healing Moira and replenishing her biotic energy. Her ultimate deals heavy damage to enemies while simultaneously healing allies in its path. Moira is coming to PTR before releasing on consoles and PC for everyone at a later date.

With BlizzCon 2017 having already kicked off, many have been curious as to what Blizzard will unveil at the event.

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However, the reveal trailer has shown that she apparently has ties to both Talon and Reaper, and is possibly the person who stitched Gabriel Reyes back together to create the smokey, psychotic killer that Reaper is today. Given that Overwatch only just introduced the Junkertown map, it makes sense that Blizzard will hold off on releasing this new map for now. Whether you were hoping for a new animated short, a new map, or a new hero to join the cast, Blizzard came prepared by showing off one of each.

Overwatch Moira Skills - What does she do? Blizzard World is a hybrid map, part Assault, part Payload, and is scheduled to go live in early 2018. Reinhardt used to be full of daring-do and an obsession with glory, but like the rest of Overwatch's team, his history has colored his motives for being a part of the team and rejoining it for its latest endeavors.

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