" "IOS 11 keyboard glitch autocorrects "I" to "A?" and "#?" - here's the fix

Allan Goodman
November 7, 2017

From there, press the + sign and then type an upper-case "I" as the phrase and a lower-case "i" as the shortcut. Apple, for its part, has recognized that this bug exists, but so far, an official patch hasn't been pushed to affected users.

A unusual bug affecting some devices running iOS 11.1 prevents people from typing the letter "i".

Reportedly, a percentage of iPhones running iOS 11.1 have lost the ability to type the capital letter "i". What?: Apple couldn't release an update to its iOS software without upsetting some of its customer base, right?

According to the Guardian, the problem stems from a new cloud feature involving cloud-based synchronization for predictive text, hence why so many people are seeing the problem.

A number of users are reporting on Twitter that autocorrect is replacing the letter "i" with "A [?]". This notion has been supported by a flooding of specific battery life complaints on Apple's Twitter account, mostly centered on lags and poor battery performance.

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'WTF if wrong with iPhone now and this stupid symbols when I type the letter I!,' user @TheJeanAbraham wrote.

In our testing, the "i" changes as you're typing in the body of your text or email.

For the "I" problem, Apple's post suggests a software fix is in the works, but also suggests a quick workaround in the meantime.

Apple's iOS 11.1, released on Tuesday, also includes more than 70 new emoji, including fairies, mermaids, a t-rex, a person meditating, a zebra, giraffe, hedgehog, cricket, and more.

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