IPhone X OLED display can suffer from 'burn-in' issues: Apple

Delia Watkins
November 7, 2017

Repairability: SquareTrade's Master Technician noted that the iPhone X has a thinner, more costly OLED screen that's more expensive to replace, a smaller logic board, multiple cables, and a split battery that's more hard to remove. In contrast, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus racked up "just" 67 and 74 points respectively, and even the Galaxy Note 8 stood at a significantly better 80 total.

It's obviously always wise to do everything in your power to protect an expensive, high-end mobile device from all types of damage, but unfortunately the iPhone X is special in a number of anxiety-enhancing ways.

The iPhone X is built with the "most durable glass ever in a smartphone", according to Apple.

Side and Back Drop Tests: Remarkably, the side drop did the most internal damage to the phone.

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The handset is described as "incredibly solid" after the customary series of torture tests, with premium stainless steel sides and a mostly glass construction that's impervious to daily scratches. As these technologies improve, we have seen screens and phone bodies improve with them, including curved, double sided glass (both sides of the phone) and now possibly folding screens (in the near future).

Shot Test: Meant to simulate a phone falling off the roof of a vehicle, the shot test showed that the iPhone X is prone to damage from a variety of drops. For the water dunk test, in which the phone was placed somewhat deep under water for 30 minutes, the phone was somewhat unaffected aside from a little audio muffling.

Tumble Test:Sixty seconds in the Tumble Bot was no friend to the iPhone X either. Whether it's the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5s, there is history in this company with cracked screens and higher fix costs.

SquareTrade's iPhone X Breakability Test results. If you're concerned about damaging your $1000 iPhone X and having to be out of pocket for repairs, you may want to check out SquareTrade's smartphone insurance price plans. And where Apple charges a fee of between $319 and $399 for any other damage to the iPhone 7 and 8 range, the X costs $549. A smile can be found on the faces of iPhone droppers every time a screen goes uncracked, spurning the hefty fix fee or, worse yet, the looming expense of buying another smartphone.

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